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Shelley Baur shares her path to “Living on Purpose”

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A Path to Living on Purpose Much as I hate to admit it, the majority of my life has been spent “living by default.” By that, I mean cruising along, accepting whatever came along. Definitely not what I now call “Living on Purpose.” Truth…On Purpose By 1991, I had heard the quote ‘whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.’ I just hadn’t …

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Navigating That Pesky Brain Of Yours:

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My Sit Down With Business Guru Katherine McIntosh I’m very fortunate in my line of work to have constant face-to-face interaction with people who have dedicated their lives to helping entrepreneurs young and old improve their business. Katherine McIntosh is a person who specifically helps success-seekers navigate their own brains to achieve their goals. I run my own business and life out …

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Recipe for Happy Employees

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How many cooks are in your kitchen?  In a small business, a job description is just as important as having an organizational chart. In the Management section of the business plan, including a well thought out, chart of people and a chart of responsibilities can be a good way to clarify the jobs in a business. That way, if there are only two …

recipe for business success

Recipe for Business Success

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Special dish on a rainy day… When my coffeehouse was open, we made MO’s Soup–the best homemade vegetable soup–well, most of the time. MO’s was short for “Memphis Originals.” I remember a cold, rainy day when several ministers from the community called ahead to reserve a table for ten.  There were not many walk-ins, thanks to the weather, so I was excited …

3 Biggest Misconceptions About Selling Debunked

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  Sales gets a very bad reputation. For some it is related to bad experiences; to others it’s that sweaty palms feeling.  Then there are those who feel that the entire process is beneath them. Let’s address a few misconceptions and I will also offer a few suggestions to show you how to incorporate sales into your business processes painlessly. Do …

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Save Yourself the Headache! Tips on the Real Estate Financing Process

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She stood on the driveway in a state of dumb shock as the last of her belongings were loaded into her brother’s pickup truck to be driven to a small apartment on a not-so-happy part of town. Was this sinking heavy sadness and bitterness the taste of failure? She never thought she would lose her home to foreclosure. After working …