ishare-full-no-titleWhat is iShare?

iSHARE Agency brings renowned experts to a global agency platform focused on multi-disciplinary and industry projects and deliverables. Our vision is to empower entrepreneurs, professionals, small businesses, large corporations, organizations and groups by providing a team for their project, a brand for their message, a speaker for their event that is derived through collaboration of renowned expertise.

What is Your Mission?

Project Management:  Our executive team manages every aspect of your project with weekly reports, teleconferences, video chats and/or in-person session.  We offer rushed project development and management @ 30 days – spanning over 60, 90, 6 months, 9 months and 1 year.

Brand Development:  Our creative department will deliver all elements of a modern look, with a personalized or corporate feel.  We customize your brand to match your personality, corporation, group or organizational message.  We believe in the power of your voice.

Speakers Bureau:  Our speaking platform provides a selection of keynote speakers to enhance your events, with booking opportunities to advance speaking careers.  To request a speaker…simply visit our “request a speaker” page.  To apply for acceptance into our “expert speaker” category for booking opportunities…simply visit our “become an expert” page and specify your interest in our booking department.

What is Your Vision?
To empower entrepreneurs, professionals, small business, large corporations, organizations and groups by providing a team for their project that delivers through collaboration of renowned expertise.

How are Experts Selected?
Each of our experts are appointed and/or approved by the oversight committee with annual renewal reviews for experts and committee members at end of each year to maintain a standard of excellence held in high regard. Chair and Co-Chair must agree on submissions prior to presentation of appointees, applicants and/or renewals:

  • Sherri Henley (Chair)
  • Cheryl Malik (Co-Chair)
  • Virginia Rowland
  • Shelley Baur
  • Richard Henley (Outside Interest)
  • Martie Watson
  • Vijay Kalaga

Could I Receive Renowned Expert Status in iShare and if so…How?
Simply submit application on iShare website

What are Your Strong Points as an Agency?

  • High Level of Expertise For Your Project
  • Project Management For Your Project
  • Team Development For Your Project
  • Team Training For Your Project
  • Customized Packages and Teams for All Clients…Creating the Right Fit and Feel
  • Complimentary Teleconference for Discovery Process
  • 3, 6, 9 Month and 1 Year Project Options (Other options available upon request)
  • Manageable Scope of Payment for Your Project According to Your Budget
  • Development of Project in Phases to Provide an Attainable Goal with Tangible Evidence Within a Reasonable Amount of Time; i.e. Phase I Phase II – Phase III
  • Booking of Speakers for Your Corporate, Group or Organizational Event
  • Consideration of Your Expertise in Speaking for Listing on Expert Speaker Page

Thank you for considering iShare Agency for project management, booking and agency placement where we are bringing experts together.